Departing for MacBeTrippin Excursion 2019, Halfway to 50 States

It’s that time again. In 2017, we began the adventure — aiming to see all 50 United States with our three daughters by the time our oldest graduates high school. We launch from our base in Texas.

In 2017, we set off for California covering 6,500 miles, 4 states, and 8 national parks.

In 2018, we covered 5,500 miles and went north toward Montana covering 8 states, and the glories of Badlands, Glacier and Yellowstone National parks.

This year will be full-on armpitty terrain. No respite in the mountains. By our measures, this trip will be a short distance, only 3,800 miles round trip.

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Free Camping Trip Planner and Budget Sheet

There are a lot of good apps out there for planning camping trips and routes. There are even few that allow for effective point-to-point budgeting.

But, I have found that I prefer a straightforward method for planning our routes, mileage, camp rates, campsite amenities, and overall budget for our cross-country trips. It has always been easier to see the plan before moving it to any other app.

So, I built this handy planning sheet in Excel.

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Dream Camping Tour 1: Texas to California

In 2017, we took our first dream trip from Texas to the Western states. It was a camping trip of 26 days, with 11 campsite setups along the way.

The trip could be completed in a shorter time. But, we found the trip about right with 2-3 days in most spots. That was enough time to drive, enjoy a day seeing the sights, and enjoy a day hanging out at camp. Check out the complete route, sights, and camp locations below.

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