Departing for MacBeTrippin Excursion 2019, Halfway to 50 States

It’s that time again. In 2017, we began the adventure — aiming to see all 50 United States with our three daughters by the time our oldest graduates high school. We launch from our base in Texas.

In 2017, we set off for California covering 6,500 miles, 4 states, and 8 national parks.

In 2018, we covered 5,500 miles and went north toward Montana covering 8 states, and the glories of Badlands, Glacier and Yellowstone National parks.

This year will be full-on armpitty terrain. No respite in the mountains. By our measures, this trip will be a short distance, only 3,800 miles round trip.

We strike out for the East. The journey takes us through Aberdeen, MS, where I spent much of my childhood. Then, we head to North Carolina to explore one of the few trails where Venus fly traps natively grow. We drop down through South Carolina, stopping in Savannah, Jaw-juh (pronounced for effect).

We drop into Orlando for a week, before heading east to Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral. Then, we swing all the way into the Florida Keys, including a day trip by ferry out to Dry Tortuga National Park for some snorkeling.

We swing up to the Everglades for a fan boat ride before heading around the horn to some beach time in St Petersburg, Anna Maria and Destin.

Lastly, we hope to enjoy some crawfish and beignets in N’awleans on the way home.

In total, the trip will clock in at 27 days, 7 states, 2 national parks, and infinite memories. We will also officially hit the half-way mark, having hit 25 of the 50 states in only 3 years.

If you’re at home, buckle up for the vicarious ride, because MacBeTrippin (verb).

Join us for the written journey, discoveries and unplanned adventures along the way.

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