Free Camping Trip Planner and Budget Sheet

There are a lot of good apps out there for planning camping trips and routes. There are even few that allow for effective point-to-point budgeting.

But, I have found that I prefer a straightforward method for planning our routes, mileage, camp rates, campsite amenities, and overall budget for our cross-country trips. It has always been easier to see the plan before moving it to any other app.

So, I built this handy planning sheet in Excel.

Place your expected gas price and mileage on page one. The formulas on the planning sheet will be calculated for you. Note any restaurants, recreational activities, sights, and more that you plan to see. Get a complete picture of your trip budget and itinerary.

When completed, we simply place our plan in Google Sheets and access it from our mobile. As a backup, we keep a hard copy of the plan for the kids and wife to follow along or to review when we find reception spotty.

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