Late Post: Day 16: The Drive to the Keys, Cuban Food, and Another Dark Setup

This post is another catch-up.

Day 17 was sort of leisurely. We took our time getting packed up from the Disney campground to head south, hoping we could connect with cousin Mike along the way.

Of course, challenge 1 was finding a place to dump the potty. Disney doesn’t have a dump station. However, they will allow you to dump at one of the full-service campsites if you call them to ask which one is best.

By 12, we were on the road to Miami.

Traffic coming through Palm Beach was a beast. A storm popped up along the way, which caused traffic to slow.

The drive through Miami was a beast as well. We texted Mike about 60 minutes out from the restaurant to let him know our ETA. For the first 55 miles after I texted him, the Google ETA actually went up.

Eventually, we made it to Havana Harry’s for some great Cuban food. Parking was an adventure of its own.

It was a joy to get to spend a couple of hours with Mike and hear about his work and adapting to the Miami way of life. We hadn’t really had a chance to catch up in a couple of years.

Then, of course, I had to ask if we could take a selfie with him.

Sadly, we didn’t make it to 7-mile bridge before sunset. So, we’ll have to see that when we return up highway 1 toward the Everglades on day 19.

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