Day 14: Best Day of Disney — Animal Kingdom

Unlike Hollywood Studios yesterday, Animal Kingdom was amazing.

Lib woke up feeling well, even though all of our kids had a hard time rolling out of bed at 5:15 this morning.

The Disney buses are an incredibly slow ways to navigate the parks, but we still got there at magic hour and worked our plan.

We queued immediately for Pandora Flight of Passage. We were glad, since it posted 2-3-hour wait times with no available fast passes all day.

That experience was amazing. The whole family ranks it at the top of their experiences list.

A Review of Animal Kingdom

From there, we systematically checked off our list, including seeing Pocahontas and Kevin (the bird from Up).

All of the shows at Animal Kingdom were fantastic. There wasn’t anything we didn’t enjoy. Each was unique and full of energy.

Honestly, I would rank Animal Kingdom above Magic Kingdom.

Near Catastrophe on the Rapids

Of course, there was a near catastrophe on the River Rapids when my lap belt snapped immediately before the biggest drop on the ride. I hooked my feet onto the bar in front of me and held the belt together with my hands.

Good thing it wasn’t a roller coaster. I wouldn’t want to confirm my oldest kid’s worst fears. I could see it in Addie’s eyes.

Libbie the Daredevil

With my oldest two being too chicken to ever ride a rollercoaster, it seemed we would be destined to a life of boring amusement park excursions. However, Libbie has proved to be quite the risk taker.

After a few smaller coasters, she was feeling bold. So, while the older two stayed behind, she measured against the post to make sure she was at least 44 inches tall. Hooray! She was 46 inches tall.

So, she decided to go on Everest with us. That was a fun ride, where the build-up is that half-way through the ride, a Yeti tears away the coaster tracks.

Afterward, she wanted to go again. Addie wasn’t amused that her littlest sister wanted to rub it in.

The Everest ride is the mountain in the background.

Checklist Complete with Time to Spare

We finished everything in the park by 2 hours before the final show. So, we found ourselves trying to burn time until they allowed us into the amphitheater.

We took advantage of some of the time to plan tomorrow’s outing to Universal Studios.

The Parade of Lights

The final spectacle tonight was the parade of lights. I appreciate that their imagineers worked around the limits — not using certain effects and fireworks because of all of the live animals in the park. Their use of water and boat sails as projection screens and impressive lighting was impressive.

I’m glad we were able to finish our DW on an ultra high note.

Now, we’re back at camp getting ready for tomorrow. The girls have discovered they love simulator rides, so US should be fun.

We’re only a couple of days away from the Florida Keys. Addie has already informed me that she doesn’t plan to move for 2 full days. It’ll be just like at home when we ask her to do chores.

2 thoughts on “Day 14: Best Day of Disney — Animal Kingdom

    • Hi Jubilee. Yes, Flight of Passage was their favorite ride. It was the combination of the sights, sounds, feel of the 4d effects, and even the attention to smells that made it so amazing.


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