Fire fundamentals: How to start one, and how they behave

Last fall I was camping with friends in Arkansas. It was one of those trips where a slow system of rain moved through and lingered for days.

Thankfully, one morning during a brief pause of rain, I took time to build a healthy fireā€”one that kept burning even when the rain returned. Note that we didn’t use any accelerants other than what nature provided.

It was a fire that was built with a simple understanding of what fire needs, and how it behaves.

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11 reasons you should take quarters on your next road or camping trip

Most camping or RV blogs list an assortment of gadgets, tools and utensils to make life on the road charming. I have never seen a top 10 include this must-have survival item…

A roll of quarters… or two.

If you have an RV or a self-container bumper pull trailer, this item may be far down your list, unless you don’t like the kids trashing your camper bathroom. If you’re a tent or pop-up camper, don’t leave home without them.

Here are 11 reasons you should grab a couple of rolls of quarters before you roll out of town.

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Free Camping Trip Planner and Budget Sheet

There are a lot of good apps out there for planning camping trips and routes. There are even few that allow for effective point-to-point budgeting.

But, I have found that I prefer a straightforward method for planning our routes, mileage, camp rates, campsite amenities, and overall budget for our cross-country trips. It has always been easier to see the plan before moving it to any other app.

So, I built this handy planning sheet in Excel.

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