Day 7: The Journey to Florida, and a Bit of DIY Camper Maintenance

One week in, and it barely feels like we left home. The girls are in good spirits, and Addie said last night, “It’s funny when you feel like a 5-hour drive is short.”

Camper Maintenance

When you’re on the road for weeks, there are inevitably a few DIY things to do on the camper. That’s especially true with a new-to-you rig.

Before we left today, we popped down early for a little camper maintenance. The AC works great. But, we noticed a small leak from condensation coming through to the inside of the camper from the AC unit. After watching tutorials, we learned that it is most often the result of a dirty or plugged drain hole in the drain pan.

To do the job, we had to take the shell off of the AC unit and then disassemble a portion around the condenser. A number of friendly folks drove by asking if we were okay. One even let us know that the guy four sites down owns an AC company.

We have always found people at our campsites to be friendly, except for that one time at that one place in California.

The job only took about an hour to complete. I could reach most of the areas by using the back bumper of my truck as a step. But, we did ultimately have to let LaShera gingerly climb the roof to finish the job.

It is fun to learn to fix little things on the camper as they pop up (pun intended). And, now that we’re settled into our next camp location, I have already enjoyed hearing and seeing the drip, drip, drip off the back of the camper as it’s suppose to do. So, fingers crossed.

Don’t Sip My Slushie

Before we left Georgia, we stopped off at Georgie Peach World. I had peach soft serve ice cream cone. Shera and the girls had peach juice slushies. We also bought some peach salsa, cider and breakfast bread.

I tried to take a sip of Shera’s slush. She emphatically stated, “What are you doing? It’s delicious, and it’s mine.” So much for the marital “what’s mine is yours” saying. She reiterated, “I didn’t lick your ice cream when I held it, you can’t sip my slushie.”

That’s love for you. I think I need a new tee that says “Don’t sip my slushie.”

Blue Springs

Our journey south today was a short 5 hours. Our new home is Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, FL, about 2 hours north of Orlando.

We didn’t get a chance to check out the spring yet. But, tomorrow we plan to take a dip.

In winter, hundreds of manatees take up residence in the springs, which is funny because Orange City is relatively far inland.

Even though it’s summer, we overheard the folks in the next campsite saying they had counted 6 manatees playing near the dock. So, we hope the girls have a happy surprise tomorrow.

This place is also home to a wide range of other species, including alligators, tortoises, and large turtles. The girls are a bit nervous about swimming in a spring where gators are known to be nearby. We’ll see if they have it cordoned off in some way. After all, Libbie would make a light snack for any gator.

Stopping for Groceries, Because Variety is the Spice of Life

I don’t write much about the minutia of camping. But, we did stop in at a Walmart for groceries before heading to Blue Springs. We try to keep our meal preps simple but varied. On our first long trip in 2017, we found ourselves cycling through the same 4 dinners, which got a bit old. We have since hit our stride and found what the girls enjoy.

We also try to keep our grocery budget at or below what it is when we’re home. If we do that, we don’t include food costs in our trip budget, since we would have spent the same amount in our normal monthly household budget.

We do include special things like eating in Savannah or getting stuff at Peach World, since we wouldn’t normally spend that money.


Tonight was blissfully mundane. We had campfire beans for dinner, and we’re hanging out in the camper.

Ready to see what tomorrow brings.

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