Why is our travel name “MacBeTrippin”?

When I was 17, I got my first job at a movie theater. That job came with an amazing uniform — a fluorescent vinyl hat, apron and bowtie. I won’t ever forget that gig.

Over time, I worked my way up to Assistant Manager Trainee, and ultimately passed the exam to become an Assistant Manager. My boss for a season, Delibra Wesley — a woman with a gentle smile — affectionately called me Mac.

During the holiday rush, I would hear her voice over the walkie saying, “Mac, the film is burning on screen 5, I need you to handle it.”

Other times, we would sit upstairs counting money from the safe to close out for the night, and we would start cracking jokes or telling stories. On rare nights when I was on a roll, she would say, “Mac be trippin.”

More than a decade after our time together at the theater, I returned to the love of camping that I had as a child. On one particular road trip, my mind wandered back to my first management job at Cinemark — the job that exposed me to my love of marketing.

I reached out to Delibra around Christmastime that year to see how she was doing and to tell her that she had made an impact on me. That was around the same time that my brain was kicking around ideas for a camping handle.

I began thinking about the trips we were going to take, and as Seuss would say, “Oh, the places you will go!” I thought, “Man, we’re going to be trippin’ all over the place.”

My mind wandered again to Delibra’s words, “Mac be trippin.”

And so, in an unceremonial moment, I silently began using the handle MacBeTrippin.

At first, it was just something I used when writing campground reviews on Campendium. I didn’t even think enough of it to tell my wife.

One day I made a casual reference to the handle, and she began using it in hashtags on social media during our trips. (When the wife thinks something is a good idea, in generally is.)

And so, without any pomp and circumstance, we became MacBeTrippin.

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