Pop-up Rule #3: Never Poop in the Camper

It’s always good for families to establish rules for the road. Ours have certainly evolved over time.

  1. Work the plan
  2. Be flexible
  3. Never poop in the camper

That last one is perhaps one of the keys to sharing space on the road. Our pop-up camper has a cassette potty. And, let’s be honest, nobody wants to slosh out rollers at the dump station.

In fact, our family potty policy is—you can pee in the potty at night or first thing waking up in the morning. After that, the campground bathroom exists for a reason. After those campfire snacks, a few extra steps on the Fitbit never hurts.

Thanks for reading this relatively useless post.

But, if it keeps you roller-free, my work here is dung… er… done.

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