Some of the best places are accidents.

One of the common phrases I hear about our mega camp excursions is, “aren’t you afraid of something going wrong?”

In a word—yes.

But, nothing in life is guaranteed. And, our family has learned that sometimes the best things in life are unexpected. Take, for instance, this little campground in a valley on a mountain near Mammoth Lakes, CA.

This place is so obscure that even a Google search shows that people are confused about its identity. That is precisely how we found it.

During our 2017 5,500-mile westward adventure, we decided to swing down the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. We were set to pull into a free campground on the northern side of Mammoth Lakes, Ca, but found that the campground was teeming with ATV-lovers.

Not a fan of the noise, we decided to take our chances down the road—a decision we rarely make. We called the first place we found on Google—McGee Creek RV and Campground. The nice lady on the phone said they had a spot if we would come on over.

We made our way over. But, as we turned toward the RV park, we noticed a sign for McGee Creek Campground, pointing further up the mountain. Confused, we continued up the mountain, following the signs warning of “high elevation.”

Sure. Why not? We love the mountains.

We found our way to a nice campground, far removed from the bustle of Mammoth Lakes below. As the friendly park ranger would explain, this particular location is known for its wildflowers.

While we sat at the picnic coverings afforded us by the sites, a small deer wandered 15 feet from our camper. It seemed undaunted by our presence. The girls were giddy.

We listened to rushing rapids from the mountain run-off. The water was only 20 yards from our campsite.

The hatchery from a town below stopped in. We watched as they scooped nets of fish, then precariously ran 50 yards to the stream to release the fish into the flows.

At night, swarms of moths were drawn toward the lights of our camper. The girls decided to play “moth catcher” and spent an hour capturing moths and releasing them outside. Each time they opened the camper to release one, three flew in. We were still finding moths in the camper months later.

We were sad when we had to leave that place.

But, it is funny looking back. If you view McGee Creek Campground pictures on Google, you will undoubtedly see pictures from McGee Creek RV further down the mountain. The confusion is understandable. The confusion led to one of our favorite stops of our first ever 4-week camping trip.

Live a little. Risk mistakes.

As we say to our girls. Plan your work. Work your plan. Be flexible.

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