Playlist: Valentine’s Day — Travel, Nature, Distance & Longing

Beginning in 2013, I started crafting Valentine’s Day playlists for my lovely wife, LaShera. It started as a cute idea and has since become an annual tradition.

She waits patiently every year until exactly February 14 before peeking at the fresh list. That’s quite the act of self control, considering we share a Spotify account, and she has 364 days to watch its contents grow.

Those lists will only ever become public if she decides to share them.

However, revisiting the lists this year, I noticed recurring themes related to travel, locations, nature, distance and longing. So, I thought I would share a special list with you, pulling from those tracks related to those themes.

You won’t find the traditional love songs and ballads. These aren’t your typical “greatest of 90s love songs.” These are tracks specially curated for my one and only, from my eclectic musical tastes.

More than anything, this is a tribute to my greatest travel companion — my wife. The opening song is decidedly not related to the theme. However, it holds a special place for me, so I thought it would be worthy as the starter. Enjoy.

NOTE: I always promise to give warning if lists may not be intended for the full family. And, given the flirty nature of that special relationship of a husband to wife, a few of these songs, are not designed for a family car sing-along. But, if it’s you and your significant other, turn it up and enjoy.

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